Thursday, December 10, 2009

To All Respected Single

hye ya'll..
seems like our blog is gettng more and more popular..
kind of proud actually coz most of our frens already realise the existance of this blog he3...
so to ALL SINGLE LADIES as usual,u r most welcome to join this blog....

we will never publish any unwanted or unjoyable posts as we wanted to stay clean from insulting or saying bout bad things toward others so if anyone misconstrue our aim,PLEASE read our first post ...we are r gud,kind and soft-hearted people...he3....

P.S. thanks for reviewing us Miss Primadonna (:
eventhough it seems like our's is not tat glam as the nuw gossip boys,but nvm.thanks a bunch!looking forward for your pledge^^

Girls out there,being single doesn't mean tat u gotta be SAINT!
u know what i mean*winks

tempest tassy


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