Sunday, December 6, 2009

Possessed By Singleness...

Hia everyone..
this is our first n foremost post in this LOVABLE blog of ours...
We would love to introduced the committe of this blog :
Founder : Nursyaizan (Izan)
Co-founder n Editor : Nursyafina (Fyena)
Secretary : Nurshafiqah Anum (Iqa)
Treasurer n Discipline Manager : Nur Tasnim (Tas)
Hospitality n Welfare : Nurshahirah (Shaa)
Event Manager : Nur Syahirah (Syeera)
If u hv any questions or doubt please feel free to contact us via FB, MS, or any other social networking website, just used our full name to search our account.....
Aim : To unite all the single ladies out there and to empowering the power of singleness among single ladies.
This blog is man-free and was created especially for human who called a lady.We just want to support single ladies out there who had a worse experienced about man and striving to build a new life. Our mission is to prove that women n ladies out there could live without a human called man.
From all committe of ASL


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