Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's beautify your skin :)

Skin is the biggest organs on our body. We really need to take care of it always especially our face skin. Different part of skin carry a different moisture and different sensitivity.

Face skin is one of our skin part which is quite sensitive. That's why we really need to take a very good care of it.

Our face skin can be beautify through many ways such as :

1) Through our everyday diet and what we eat.
 This is the best way to enhance our skin, that's why there are many collagen and anti aging drinks on market nowadays. It is the best way as it enter your blood circulation and it helps you to rebuild the tissue from inside. The vitamins from vegetables and fruit that we ate can be absorb easily and more effective. However, must we remember not all kind of food will give goods to you skin. Sugary stuff can cause wrinkles and immature aging and food which contain too much of oil will make your skin oily.

2) Through external way.
External way is when we apply skincare product or any homemade recipes on our skin. The external way have three basic way of cleansing, toning and moisturizing followed by some other intensive steps such as applying serum and eye cream.

The foods Which help you get a healthier, younger and glowing looking skin :

1) Dark Chocolate: It full with antioxidant which chase away the toxic from your skin.
2) Spinach: contains vitamin A and C which is good for your skin.
3) Olive oil: for it's healthy fats.
4) Broccoli: It helps in reducing fine line and wrinkles and also reduced the appearance of panda eyes :)
5) Almonds: Increase the levels of vitamins E  for your skin.
6) Fish : the omega 3 fatty acids which helps you skin from dryness.
7) Green tea : proven effective in fighting skin aging.
8) Oats: Heal and soothe your skin from inflammation.
And last but not least, The most important!!
9) Water: you must always drink enough water and also drink more water if you are always in air-conditioned  
room. Water is the key to a healthier skin.

Some suggestion for Skincare products 

1) The Nanowhite products(Whitening)

The Nanowhite products is suitable for all skin types. What is good about it is that it not only help you achieved a fairer skin but also it helps you fade away the scars and also heal pimply skin effectively and also moisturized your skin. The whitening effect also is not so drastic, it did not involved unhealthy peeling which will effect you skin later. Furthermore, it will also help in fighting pigmentation or pregnancy mask.

2) Loreal Pure Zone product.(Pimply and oily skin)

The Loreal Purezone Product is undeniable in their effectiveness of fighting oily and pimply skin. The product explore to each of your pores to give a overall cleansing without stripping your skin own's moisture and will make your skin feeling matte and healthy longer. Its also make your pimple take a shorter time to heal. The toner is so refreshing and it also smells good. 

3) Etude House Moistfull Product.(Dry Skin)
I have to admit this product is good and its really help your skin glow from the inside and faster too! I say it because I have used it before. If your skin is dull and tired looking, you should try this line Moistful Collagen cream. Best wear it before you go to sleep because when you wake up the next day, you will have a healthier and prettier skin. If you looking for products which offer you a healthy, glowing and moisturized then you should try this product.

4) Neutrogena Deep Clean Range (blackhead control)
This product really do wonder in combating against blackhead. I really love their daily scrub. It exfoliates your skin gently but effectively. The orange colour on the tube give you a happy mood everytime you are using them. The amount which you need to use for every wash is also quite little which make it quite economical.

There you go girls, some food and beauty products which can help you achieved a more beautiful skin. 

Love from All Committee of ASL,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Who your heart belongs to?

Ever asked yourself who your heart belongs to?
To me my heart belong to my family and friends and the special person who is special which not yet emerge from his secret hiding place..
you know what I mean right?

We can't remain single until the end, can we?
therefore when you find someone you quite fancy 
please make sure you get to know him well..
devils can come in different shapes and faces..
it can come in the form of the usual one which is scary faces and horn  and you know what
something like this :

or it can come in the form of a very handsome, tall and athletic 'gentleman' who at first
act like an angel but then he turn out to be a real shit..
well, guys..what can you expect??
mostly is just the pain in the... well you where..

It is important to know the person who you going to give your heart to because your heart is not a freebies that you give at the shopping complex..
no matter how ugly a women or a girl is.. her heart is not meant to be broken and then again she is a human being..
 And most important because everyone is worth it..

from all the committee of ASL

Friday, August 6, 2010

nobody is perfect...

Heloo our dear single ladies...

how are you all??
good good!!

okies cookies

Eva mendes, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian is some of the celebrity who we willing to sold our soul to have body shape like them..

curvy, slender and PERFECT!!

but all of them have their own personal trainer who knocking at their door almost everyday to give them full professional consultation on how to exercise and eat right..
we as a person that can be consider an 'nobody' can't afford those lavish things unless you are really rich...filthy rich shall I say..

but have you ever came across these quotes??


we = nobody
nobody = perfect
we = perfect

therefore, we are perfect!!
great huh??

from all committee members of ASL

Monday, July 26, 2010






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