Friday, December 10, 2010

Who your heart belongs to?

Ever asked yourself who your heart belongs to?
To me my heart belong to my family and friends and the special person who is special which not yet emerge from his secret hiding place..
you know what I mean right?

We can't remain single until the end, can we?
therefore when you find someone you quite fancy 
please make sure you get to know him well..
devils can come in different shapes and faces..
it can come in the form of the usual one which is scary faces and horn  and you know what
something like this :

or it can come in the form of a very handsome, tall and athletic 'gentleman' who at first
act like an angel but then he turn out to be a real shit..
well, guys..what can you expect??
mostly is just the pain in the... well you where..

It is important to know the person who you going to give your heart to because your heart is not a freebies that you give at the shopping complex..
no matter how ugly a women or a girl is.. her heart is not meant to be broken and then again she is a human being..
 And most important because everyone is worth it..

from all the committee of ASL

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