Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Key to happiness - change ur bad day to happie day!!

Recently one of our committee member spilled her dirt to us n that dirt has turn her bright day into this terrible mess!! being a good friend to each other. we try so hard to cheer her up but our way seem not to work on her..thankfully one of the other committee member read an article in a fabulous COSMOPOLITAN magazine which help her recover we would like to share it and make world a better place..

So here it is :

Key to happiness 1 : grab ur earphones n get ready to blast ur ears with ur fav song no matter it is a classical mozart or the indie song from Hujan. Coz some pyschologist found that music help channel out ur anger, annoyance n sadness...

Key to happiness 2 : Dare to be outstanding..go play with ur lip colour..put on some red lip gloss as red lips exude confidence n sex appeal. So when ur confidence ur peer will give a positive reaction toward you n help replace ur bad mood with sexy self-assuredness.

Key to happiness 3 : Find some stupid jokes in the internet n get ready to laugh till ur head off.
Key to happiness 4 : Surround ur self with a more joyful, warm and bright colours which discover through a survey can give you a pick me what ur waiting 4? pick a yellow colour wedges or maybe a bright orange top.

Key to happiness 5 : put on your sexiest garment n shine in it. No matter its ur little black dress or ur baju kurung..

Key to happiness 6 : Go to ur favourite places..beaches, shopping mall or for me shoe shop...ask some friends to tag along n hv fun together...

there u go..some of the tips to help u go through a hard bad day..try it..maybe it work for u..Take a good care of urself..

till then..


From all comittee members of ASL


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