Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we are back!! Actually we never even go anywhere..huhu

hie ladies..hw r u??

quite a time since the last time we write anything in this blog..hoping there is still readers who willing to visit our blog again..

Anyway..this three month holiday has make single ladies diet turn bad. Home-cook is always the best especially when it cook with love by your mom, although you have swear to yourself that you want to diet and never break your own rules still when the chicken curry, fried chicken or even the pulut hitam porridge is put infront of you, you will definitely forgot all single rules and promise that you make..

Beware ladies because fat are not very yummy when you take it too much and those curry don't taste really pleasent once your stomach have an extra flab without your noticing it..Yes food is the most pleasureable gift but you should remember that everything should be in moderation..
food heals many illness but it also cause some other major illness too..


we also should not under not break your self too much towards food and do not think that food is bad..
because you might end up being like one of this girl..


who suffers from Aneroxia Nervosa..

So ladies..take a good care of yourself n your diet okies??

All Single Ladies Committee Members

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