Sunday, January 31, 2010

Law's Dinner Is Coming Ladies!!!

 U heard it right?? A dinner is coming for Asasi Law student...
Great right?? So what all single ladies goin' to wear on that night?

out of ideas? auwh!! Don't worry dearie..
we here to help all of you..

here let see some clothes that suitable to wear to the upcoming dinner k?
 ok Bcoz majority of law asasian student wearing we review first some of clothes which most suitable for those who wears tudung..


the features of baju kurung moden is not very different from the normal baju kurung.
however, Baju Kurung Moden is a little tight on the waistline but not as tight as baju kebaya.
Baju Kurung Moden is suitable for person who loves to show their curve but not really into baju kebaya.
For those who have a boyish figure, Baju Kurung Moden will suit you just nice.


Baju Kebaya is traditional blouse dress which worn by women in most southeast asia country, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and cambodia.
Baju kebaya can be wear with kain batik panjang or even with kain songket..both of it will compliment the beauty of the Baju kebaya. This garment is very suitable for people who love to show of their curve and not afraid to wear a quite tight garment. However, Baju Kebaya is most suitable for people who have quite a big butt as it will flatter the size of your waist and make your waistline look smaller. But no worry, anyone can wear Baju Kebaya as long as you are a women..bcoz real ladies have curve!


The next one is, Baju Kurung Pahang. Baju kurung Pahang is not straight like the normal baju kurung or baju kurung moden. The down side of the upper piece of Baju Kurung Pahang is quite wide and it have a little shape at the waist..the lower piece of Baju Kurung Pahang are usually either 'kain senyum/kain kipas' or 'kain sarong'.
Baju Kurung Pahang has caught quite a huge attention and widely used to dinner or any formal function..


dress labuh is just like the evening gown but dress labuh is like the More islamic version of evening gown cause it usually cover all of your skin and suitable to wear a tudung with it..
and dress labuh is a one pice garment which make it easier to wear.

Ok lets move to clothes for those who did not wear tudung


Evening gown is the most sophisticated and suitable garments for formal occasion or dinner party.
You can choose whether you want plain colour, multicolour or gown with beautiful beads and embroidery on it.
if u prefer a strapless evening gown make sure you carry along a suitable shawls  to cover your shoulder.


Cocktail dress is also one of the suitable garments to wear to the dinner.
Cocktail dress is shorter in  length from evening gown.


Ok.. little black dress is an evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often with a short skirt. Little Black Dress intended to be long-lasting, affordable, versatile and come in black colour which usually suit all kind of occasion. However, we need to stick to the dress code which ask us to wear a decent attire, you can always pair an LBD with leggings or tights.

ok..there is some suggestions of clothing which you can wear to the upcoming dinner..
Ladies, if you need to do some shopping, you better do it now or it going to be too late..
and make sure you make a wise decision in clothing and make sure you not only look good in it but also feel comfortable too..
anyway, Hope all of you ladies will have fun on that night and don't forget to snap some of your pictures ok..

From all committee members of ASL


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