Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear all single ladies

although being single is totally awesome,
however single ladieis still a human being..a NORMAL human being..
loneliness will never disappear in any human vocabulary especially single human..right??
this is when u need ur besties and family to be around u..maybe some hanging out and cuddles can do the job..
but when chit-chatting is too common
and there are no hot gossip to talk about
and no sale available at the mall near u
u need some activity which out of norm sometimes..
So ASL researchers have done some research and through our findings there are some fun activities which terribly work to shed the loneliness in ur vocabulary..

1. visit shop which sells party stuff and grab a bottle or two of crazy string spray or snow sparay and play it using the format of paintball game..only that this time it won't hurt u as the paintball game...

2. Grab a pack of TWISTER at ur nearest toy'r'us and play helps in ur body flexibility(think catwoman flexibility)..having money insufficiency? dun worry, share some money with ur friend and hv fun together later on..

3. blast ur ipod,mp3 or mp4 or whatever that can blast ur fav song n music and get ready to dance to it..when ur exercise or get active, ur body will produce endorphin which will make u it help u lose some weight and lead u to a more healthy life..

4. CAMWHORE!! Dress up and put some make up and get ready to pose..dun be afraid to look silly, stupid and funny..forget to look picture perfect a while..!!!

Try these n trust us it works!!! 

from all committe members of ASL


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